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I have been active since childhood. Whether it was rugby, hockey, netball, rowing or cross-country, I was giving it a go. Whilst at the "peak" of my rowing, I had to stop my training due to injury and in turn stop my active lifestyle.

I gained weight, lost my passion and focus and eventually my way. Until I found new ways to train and reignited my love for fitness. I decided I wanted to help stop others experiencing what I did so I went to university and got a degree in Sports Therapy.


My passion is to ensure people live a lifestyle that they enjoy, to achieve their goals and build their confidence! I will support you in setting, working towards and smashing your goals! 


If you're looking to make a change and need a hand, come in and have a chat.


Specialties - 

Building muscle and strength

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Improving Mobility 

Enhancing lifestyle 

Confidence building 


L2 Fitness Instructor

L3 Specialist PT Diploma (inc. exercise referral)

BSc Sports Therapy


Favourite quotes- 

“Strive for progress not perfection”

“Let’s achieve your goals”

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