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The Gym Joint Terms and Conditions


Member Payments/Requests 

- Your membership payments are taken unless cancellation is correctly processed so please do not cancel your direct debit as it can risk incurring fees to your account!

- Any requests for membership freezes, cancellations or upgrades, please email

- Cancellation – there is a one month payment notice to cancel any and all direct debit memberships and each need at least 5 working days to process, please note that we only action requests within banking/business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

- Freezes – only applicable for medical/injury or longer term relocation (university, work) and are maximum of 3 months at a time, same notice time frame as cancellation is required. 

Minimum Age - No one under the age of 16 is permitted to train in our facility and under 18's are limited to manned hours only. 24 hour and No Peak memberships are exclusively 18 and over.

Manned Hours are;

Weekdays 6am-10pm

Weekends 8am-4pm

Contact Information


Instagram: @thegymjoint

Phone line: 01628290172

Emergencies Only: 07834400924

Gym Rules/Regulations

1 – All short term or annual memberships are non-refundable under any circumstances once transferred directly to the gym. You agree to this condition and benefit from the associated discount that comes from paying in full.

2 – You shall not grant gym access to anyone trying to gain entry and/or bring in a friend/family member/colleague outside of manned hours and/or without their completing a waiver.

3 – You shall not undertake lifts beyond your ability when a spotter or gym staff is unavailable, this especially includes cardiovascular activity if you have any previous cardiac history.

4 – If outside of manned hours, you shall ensure the door is closed upon exit, lights, and music off if the last member to leave.

5 – You shall respect the gym environment by putting dumbbells, plates, benches, and any other equipment in their original/correct place. We operate a 3-strike policy where if you do not return plates, benches, and/or gym equipment to its correct place when told by staff, we will begin with a week-long access ban (2nd strike), then an immediate membership cancellation with the agreed contracted payment notice.

6 – You shall remove dirty trainers that will leave prints or mud on the gym floor or be willing to clean the gym in return for creating something because of your footwear.

7 – No bags on the gym floor, cubbies are provided to store them.

8 – You shall pay for all drinks and meals as per their RRP, we do not offer pay later options on stock. We operate a £5 card minimum, so members can have prepaid credit on their accounts.

9 – You shall act in a manner appropriate and respectful to not cause anyone to feel uncomfortable or belittled by your actions or comments.

10 – Filming is permitted but only if done considerately and with permission of those around you e.g. don’t block equipment for the sake of “angles”.

11 – You shall be respectful of other gym members and staff, fighting or abuse will not be tolerated and will result in immediate membership cancellation. Full direct debit notice will still apply, refunds not given, and police action will be utilised if deemed necessary.

12 – Shirtless and barefoot training are not permitted, training in socks is allowed but is to be kept to a minimum of during lifts, to reduce risk of injury when moving around the gym.

13 – You accept that payment for access, whether rolling contract, annual, short-term, or guest access is non-refundable unless we breach terms and conditions and unless otherwise agreed with management. All direct debit memberships are held to a one-month payment notice to cancel and defaulting your payments will risk fees being added and/or our charging your final payment to the card on file.


The Gym Joint Team

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